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People in Hollywood love to hear the stories of the many mazing things that happen in my life. They call those miracles,” Zulie’s Magic”. Ellen DeGeneres loves to hear the latest events that occur. Portia giggles when Ellen tells her the latest. The heart on my right hand, how I met my husband, the many unexplained events that I love seeing. Here is one example of what celebrities call Zulie’s  Magic.

Rainbows miracles in the sky

This rainbow only connected to the roof of my house. It occurred on The Feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. It is not the only rainbow that appeared that summer. The photo was taken by my cellphone and it has the date on it.

On the First day of Nissan, I picked my fortune cookie. Here is the fortune I received. There was a room full of people when I opened the cookie and smiled.

I will share more of my memories and images at another time.  Coming soon as they say in LA…..Good Fortunes


This is one of the latest trends in Hollywood – Cat Strollers. Many cat owners are starting to get strollers to get their furry friends outside. Here is a photo of my cat Winnie on a stroller ride. I am told Ricky Gervais’ wife Jane has one for their cat and the stroller is really pimped out. It has faux cheetah fur, silk lining and catnip coordinating toys.funny cat strollers

I created this funny meme in response to some of Ricky Gervias’ twitter postings with natural landscapes and completely wild philosophical ideas. He was the inspiration on the silliness of this cat image. Even though Natalie does seemingly deposit often and at times large in quantity “offerings”, the landslide might be a slight exaggeration.  funny cat pics

I enjoy dressing up my cats and they often enjoy it as well. Here is a photo of one of Nicole Kidman’s favorite outfits on one of my four cats. Even though Nicole Kidman does not dress her cats up, she does enjoy how adorable and funny my cats look when wearing something flashy. Her fashion sense does extend to cat fashions.Funny cat pics Funny cat photos

funny cat photos

David Spade and I were discussing me starting to do live performances like he did in the beginning of this career. He used stand up to get things started. My unique comedic style as well as my approach to life he thought would make the basis of a great stand up routine. David hinted that my stories had the potential to be a great sitcom as long as I was telling it. Blondesense, as we know it, is the humorous way life can be when you have Barbie as your role model and a bit of Snoop Dogg attitude where anything goes. Diversity is the key in the mix. Not to mention a little Lucile Ball, who seems to create chaos as a perfectly played artform.

David Spade made the suggestion that I should start off with a swearing moment without the swears. He was thinking of the way I taught my kids to stop saying mean things to each other. My unique approach to solving verbal arguments was to provide both my son and my youngest daughter copies of “How to Swear Around the World “.It might not seem like a  good solution. In the beginning it was not . They each had to learn to swear while reading or prepare themselves for vocal battle ahead of time. The book eventually grew on them. The kids stopped swearing in English because it took too much effort to find the exact words.

David Spade Funniest moments

Unfortunately, we did not have enough camels in their home environment for the swears to hit their mark. See “How to Swear Around the World ” to understand. The approach worked because no one knew what they were saying. I found the book to be a great way to teach my children cultural diversity. Now they can speak several different tongues in several situations. Camels of the world get free publicity. Nicole Kidman liked the idea of the book but unfortunately her little girls are much too polite and sweet to start cat fighting yet. We all hope that, just like Nicole, they always stay the sweet little angels there are today. Here is a link to Amazon. it is where I got my copy. More about David in my blog this week. 

Parenting Tips
Upcoming articles include Yellow Snow- How to Play with it and How to Make it, A Classic Lullaby song to my son on Valentine’s day, and featuring more cat’s wearing costumes. See which celeb cat costume my costume loving cat wears.

According to my sources, Adam Sandler likes to stare at his toes. If you ask him why, he always says because he has the sexiest toes he has ever seen. He also is known to enjoy showing them off in open toed shoes such as sandals.Adam Sandler Sex Apeal

A little news flash that I just got Jon Bon Jovi enjoys wearing toes rings.  He only does it for his wife Dorothea. Jon Bon Jovi says is his way of showing how he worships the ground his wife walks on and she melts. I took the liberty to create photoshopped toe rings to show his audience how good he looks in toe rings 🙂 But Jon makes everything sexy even a banana suit- story to come 😉 

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