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Zulie has been the source of several Hollywood movies and tv shows because there is nobody like her in the entertainment business. Zulie is used as inspiration by celebrity actors, actresses and comedians alike. Comedian Daniel Tosh uses her as a resource for some of his comedy shows. Zulie Perfect’s celebrity blogging including her modeling images, art and insight is itself is an influence in Hollywood. She lives life in  a fun loving tongue and cheek way. To quote Zulie Perfect, “Barbie Cartoons are like The Learning Channel for blondes.” That quote has a special meaning since the  adorable blonde was hired to portray Barbie in a chain store opening event. If a person lives life seeing humor in almost every corner, then the world becomes brighter.  Zulie Perfect is Reiki and mindfulness trained, as well as a regular Yoga practitioner.  Her spirituality gives her many unusual experiences and insights. 
Zulie is a one of a kind actress and model with a flamboyant comedic style. Having dated some of Hollywood’s most famous celebrity actors and comedians, makes Zulie Perfect extremely sexy and very liberating. You will be able to read her story when the details are released in an upcoming magazine article and see them on the big screen in a movie based upon her writings. Zulie Perfect’s Celebrity Blogs on actresses,actors, and comedians give you a bit of the inside scoop on what goes on in Hollywood involving Zulie and her friends. Acting and modeling began at a young age for Zulie. Becoming a celebrity blogger became a natural extension of Zulie’s modeling, acting, and her lifestyle. She has been seen on national, international and local media giving interviews and doing publicity work. Appearing at tradeshows, on stage, and events on a regular basis makes her a crowd favorite. 

 Zulie’s outgoing nature and vivacious energy is part of what makes her unique to so many. She is capable of saying and doing things at any moment in order to make people laugh. With  intoxicating humor and a flirty giggle, she brings the fun out of almost any situation. Zulie is known for pleasantly spirited dialogues with many celebrity actors,actresses and comedians including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, David Spade, Peyton Manning, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman and Ricky Gervais to name a few. The beautiful blonde keeps them jumping. Celebrities and others love every minute of the fun she creates. Some of her joyful antics are recounted in Zulie Perfect’s celebrity blogs. Her spirit, sense of humor and looks make her one of the hottest blondes.

She has travelled all over the US, to Europe and the Caribbean. Zulie Perfect has a diverse knowledge of many cultures which makes her a global blend.  Born to an English immigrant father and Irish American mother has impacted her comedic timing and style. One example of her European style is she rides dressage which is less common in the US than in Britain.  Even Zulie’s birthdate has humor written all over it since she was born on the Feast Day of the Patron Saint of Comedy. Saint Philip Neri was one of the Flying Saints who could heal with his hands. Saint Philip was so full of joy of God that he could levitate. Being caught in mid air is what earned him the title of a Flying Saint. His humor earned him the honor of Patron Saint of Comedians. It was only in the past few years that Zulie herself made the connection to the birthdates. That realization occurred when a world famous healer told her to look at her birthdate as he smiled. Zulie Perfect bears the mark of a heart freckle on her right hand. There are so many mysterious occurrences within her life that no one can explain but to experience Zulie Perfect is to wonder how this world can be so amazing and its beauty transcending.

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Actress, Model, Comedian, Artist and Celebrity Blogger

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